about us
I am Carolyn Robinson.  We live north of Shreveport, Louisiana near
Blanchard.  We have always loved dogs, and always had at least one.  We
fell in love with the Westies about five years ago, when Madison came to
live with us.  At the time we had a Bouvier Des Flanders and a Yorkshire
Terrier.  I knew Abby (the Yorkie) was not going to be with us for long,
and wanted another dog to call my own.  Madison came to live with us and
honestly the first six months, I thought I had made a grave mistake.  I
was not used to the activity of a terrier puppy.  She was very active,
chewed on everything, and dug in the yard.  I am telling you this, because
Westies and Cairns are not for everyone.  At about 6 months Madison
calmed down, and has been a model dog ever since, but those first 6
months were a definite trial!    I absolutely love the terriers, and
understand that they are just babies and like children have to be  taught
how to behave.

Our dogs live in the house with us and sleep in our bed.  We are not to
far from having to move out and let them take over here.  I work in law
enforcement, and our dogs are our hobby.  Occasionally we have more
puppies than we need to keep.  I prefer that any of my babies be placed
in a home where they will live inside and be pampered.  I feel like a dog
is a special friend, and needs to be treated as one!  Who else in the
world would welcome you home with such love and devotion?  Dogs are
just the most loving and trusting animals alive, and I never want to be
without several of them.

The Cairns came into our life about two and a half years ago, and they
have proved to be every bit as rewarding as the Westies.  The Cairns are
a little more independent than the Westies, and a little smaller, but just
as sweet and loving.

The babies will come to you with their first shots, wormed, all the love
they can stand, a health guarantee and sales contract.  Please don't be
offended if I ask you questions when you ask about a baby.  I always ask
questions, and try my best to determine that my baby is right for your
home, and your home is right for my baby.  Also, if you have any
questions feel free to ask as many as you like!  My babies can be
shipped, but I prefer to meet you somewhere with the baby.  That way I
get to meet you, and they don't have to endure the shipping.  Shipping is
paid by the buyer and usually runs approximately $350.  The babies have
to be at least 8 weeks old to be shipped, and the temperature has to be

Don't forget to visit our Rainbow Bridge Page!  Our Bouvier, our Yorkie,
and one of our sweetest Westies is there.  There is a page for sold pups
and their owners,also.  If you have  one of my babies and you would like
to share a picture, please send it to me and I'll put it on the page.  Also,
any of our babies are always welcome back home!

If you like the graphics on our site you can visit Inge at this link:  
Inge lives in Holland and I think she does absolutely beautiful work!

Hope you enjoy your visit to our little piece of the internet, and hope we
can help you find a forever friend!