available cairns and
I am a female and I was born on 9/20/08.  I
am looking for a forever home.
I am a sweet little girl born  March 3,
2009.  I am looking for a forever
home.  sold

UPDATED July 17, 2012
I have several older and some 1 to 2 year old males and females
that are looking for forever homes at a great price.  These are for
pets only and will need to be neutered or spayed.  Some of them
are champ sired kids and very loving.  Due to my age and family
obligations I need to reduce the number of dogs that I have.  Please
call if you might be interested in any of these beautiful dogs.

2 females and 2 males
wheaton pups
born dec.4, 2012
We are sisters and we are looking for a forever home, too
we were 2 in  September.
1 females born on May 10, 2012
1 male born June 6, 2012
2 females born June 6, 2012